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Erection Difficulties: Causes and Treatments

Erection Difficulties

Erection DifficultiesThere are a lot of things that can entail erection difficulties. Such factors as age, the state of health and psychological problems can influence it. Even such things as daily tension and exhaustion matter when you face the problem. In order to produce and sustain erection, some steps should be taken:
  1. Sexual arousal. It is composed of the senses of sight, touch, hearing and smell. Thoughts are a crucial component of the sexual arousal as well.
  2. Nervous system response. The sexual arousal, which appears in the brain, is transferred to the nervous system. This, in its turn, increases the blood flow in the pelvic area.
  3. The respond of blood vessels. The blood vessels provide penis with blood flow and it lead to the erection.

Causes of Erection Difficulties

If there is something wrong with the balance among the mentioned factors, or any of them is affected, then the result is clear - the erection difficulties will take place. For example, there are nonphysical causes of erection difficulties:
  1. Negative emotions - like hostility, resentment or lack of interest - expressed by you or directed toward you by your sexual partner;
  2. Negative feelings. You or your partner may feel something negative towards each other, such as loss of interest, hostility or resentment, and these may lead to erection difficulties.
Most common physical causes of erection problems:
  1. Diabetic neuropathy (this is nerve damage which is caused by long-lasting diabetes
  2. Some cardiovascular problem that influences the work of blood inflow to the penis.
  3. Intake of some medicines
  4. Cancer surgery,
  5. Hormonal disorders
  6. Problems of the spinal column
  7. Endocrine diseases
  8. Alcohol, tobacco or drug addiction
  9. In some cases, erection difficulty is the first sign of an underlying serious medical problem.
The nonphysical and physical factors behind impotence frequently co-exist. That is why it is extremely difficult to determine what has started the illness.

But vague answers like these to this problem are unlikely to satisfy any of us. However, what options do you have besides going to a physician and passing a variety of medical examinations in order for the physician to detect the causes of your condition? What measures should be taken when we want to enhance the quality of intimate life, have large penis, and ability to normalize the erection to satisfy the partner even more?

Erection Difficulties Treatments

This is where these several erection difficulties treatments come to aid.
  1. Surgery, as one of the options, is expensive while being unsafe. The prospect of spending over $4,000 only to be left with a scarred penis and lifelong regrets will hardly attract anyone.
  2. Choosing penis pumps can also be dangerous if you try too hard to get an erection or make your willy bigger. They create vacuum which really can help you to achieve an erection but you must be absolutely sure that everything you are trying to do is right otherwise you can harm the tissue of your penis forever. And remember, pumps will never enlarge your penis.
  3. And finally, as stated in penis devices forum there are penis extenders, which work by forcing the connective tissues. In this case the number of the cells produced increases and the penis gains in size. So for now it is the safest enhancement product on the market. Of course, you will not see any result in a day. There is just no way to increase the penis by several inches very quickly.
The other thing that they don't promise is that you will have to make no efforts to achieve the desired results. Before starting to use them, make sure you realize it will take effort and time to achieve the desired results. However, the one thing you can be sure of is that the result will be well worth all your efforts!

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