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Female Adult Acne

Female Adult AcneWomen feel it every month - changing mood, stomach problems and acne. Hormones are the cause of it. Professionals are aware of the influence of hormones on female adult acne, but researches are rare in this sphere. Now the assumption that female adult acne is typical for nearly a half of all women during the last week before the period has a proven explanation.

What is interesting about female adult acne is the fact that they cannot be treated by the usual therapy methods. Topical antibiotics and topical retinoids cannot treat adult acne in this case. Several hints may help your physician determine hormonally-triggered female adult acne:
  1. This is first-time female adult acne, a condition found in adolescents;
  2. Acne breakouts before the menstrual period;
  3. A history of menstruating irregularly;
  4. Increased oiliness of your face;
  5. Excessive pilosis (hair overgrowth and hair in the abnormal places of body);
  6. Increased levels of androgens in your blood.

Female Adult Acne

Female adult acne caused by hormonal problems is typical for women between 20 and 25, but in some cases it appears in teenage females, and in women older than 30 it is the most problematic. Lesions may appear at the lower part of the face, sometimes on the back and chest. If female adult acne is influenced by hormones, there are only rare comedones. Why does female adult acne start? How to treat adult acne?

They begin generally prior to adolescence (9-10 years old) when the adrenal glands start generating DHEAS (dihydroepiandrosterone sulfate), an androgen. Androgens are so called "male" hormones, though they are produced by a woman's body as well. Other "male" hormones are dehydrotestosterone (DHT) and testosterone. All of them work as stimulants for the sebaceous glands. The result of it is an intense surface skin fat (sebum) production.

This is the reason why such features as oily skin and acne are characteristic for teenagers. Obviously, as boys generate bigger amount of "male" hormones, the condition of acne is more severe in them. It is not easy to treat acne in teenagers as their hormone level is constantly increasing. At the first stage of the treatment process, a very noticeable result of acne products can encourage those suffering from acne.

Topical retinoids and benzoyl peroxide, sometimes together with an oral antibiotic, are usually used to treat teen acne. However, most often these medications, even coupled with an oral antibiotic, do not provide a long-term remedy for treating acne in teenagers because of the hormonal changes. Frequent adjustments to courses of treatment are often necessary. This is also true if you need to treat adult acne.

Treat Adult Acne

A lot of women don't have teen acne but many of them begin to suffer from female adult acne and look for the way to treat adult acne at the age of 20 or 30, experiencing persistent onsets the week previous to their period. The reason for this is estrogen level which is high at the middle of period and it decreases further. After ovulation takes place, a female body starts producing progesterone, the hormone, the role of which is to stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more skin oil. And more skin oil means more female adult acne.

Pregnant women experience hormonal changes as well, so female adult acne is also typical for some pregnant women. They also have to treat adult acne. The peak of the activity of the sebaceous glands is the last pregnancy trimester, and female adult acne is quite typical during this time. Menopause is also a dangerous time for acne because level of estrogen decreases and testosterone remains the major hormone.

If a woman has female adult acne that worsens during her monthly cycles she'd better be aware of the fact that she will not grow out of it. But she still can treat adult acne and achieve most successful results with a female adult acne treatment plan developed by her dermatologist.

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