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Digestive System

Healthy digestive system is one of the most important factors of healthy well-being of each individual. Healthy digestive system functions to get the nutrients from food and helps the body stay healthy. When you maintain a healthy digestive system, you will not suffer from the occasional symptoms of intestinal discomfort and other problems related to the sensitive digestion. In addition, healthy digestive system will keep you enjoying overall health and wellness.

Aging, dieting, stress, anxiety, hectic life, and certain prescription drugs can disrupt the natural balance of intestinal microflora in our digestive system. To restore this natural balance, you will nees a special "friendly" bacteria that promote healthy digestive flora, to support healthy digestion. This kind of supporting bacteria known as "Probiotics" is used in probiotic supplements.

Maintenance of a healthy digestive system is dependent on many factors, especially the quality of food intake. Including a significant proportion of probiotic foods in the diet has been demonstrated to support a healthy digestive system and may be another means of achieving the desirable health benefits.


Probiotics are dietary supplements containing potentially beneficial bacteria or yeast. According to the currently adopted definition, probiotics are: "Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host". Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) are the most common type of microbes used. LAB have been used in the food industry for many years, because they are able to convert sugars (including lactose) and other carbohydrates into lactic acid. This not only provides the characteristic sour taste of fermented dairy foods such as yogurt, but acts as a preservative, by lowering the pH and creating fewer opportunities for spoilage organisms to grow.

The New York TimesAccording to The New York Times:

Friendly bacteria, or probiotics, serve a host of biological functions important to the survival of the animal they populate.

Some aid in digestion, some compete with less beneficial bacteria and keep them in check, some stimulate the immune system. And they may have other roles not yet known.

Probiotics Benefits

One of the most known probiotics benefits is that probiotics strengthen the immune system. Probiotics are intended to assist the body's naturally occurring gut flora to reestablish themselves. They are sometimes recommended by doctors, and, more frequently, by nutritionists, after a course of antibiotics, or as part of the treatment for gut related candidiasis.

The probiotics benefits are based on the fact that the body contains a miniature ecology of microbes, collectively known as the gut flora. A number of bacterial types are thought to be thrown out of balance by a wide range of circumstances including the use of antibiotics or other drugs, excess alcohol, stress, disease, or exposure to toxic substances. In cases like these, the bacteria that work well with our bodies (see symbiosis) may decrease in number, an event which allows harmful competitors to thrive, to the detriment of our health.

Experiments into the benefits of probiotic therapies suggest a range of potentially beneficial medicinal uses for probiotics. For many of the potential probiotics benefits, research is limited and only preliminary results are available. It should be noted that the effects described are not general probiotics benefits. All effects can only be attributed to the strain(s) tested, not to the species, nor to the whole group of LAB probiotic supplement (or other probiotics).

CBSProbiotics can cure?

Probiotics is the friendly bacteria that lives in harmony inside the intestines and helps to keep the body in balance. A lot of research has indicated the therapeutic probiotics benefits to reduce accosiated diarrhea, promote regularity as well as overall health and well-being.

Probiotic Supplement

Probiotic Supplement is an intestinal probiotic enhancer designed to improve gastrointestinal function and promote the balance of beneficial bacterial flora. Probiotic Supplement increases enzymes for improved digestion; inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria, and organisms; and enhances the bioavailability of nutrients from the food. Probiotic Supplements do not cause gas or bloating.

Probiotic Supplements have been formulated to survive in the gastric fluids and bile of the upper digestive tract and reach the intestine safely. Probiotics grow in the small intestine where they add beneficial lactic acid to the digestive tract, helping to eliminate potentially harmful non beneficial bacteria in the intestinal environment. This reduces the occurrence of diarrhea and constipation, fermentation, gas, and dyspepsia caused by the presence of unwanted organisms.

CNNIt's happening all across the country - probably even in your neighborhood. People taking live bacteria to stay healthy.

But because it can be hard to get good bacteria through diet alone, many people are turning to probiotic supplement. And increasingly, food companies are finding ways to add good bacteria to more of their products.

Best Probiotics

We recommend the best probiotics formula: Bowtrol Probiotic supplement. Unlike many other probiotic supplements, the Bowtrol Probiotic supplement is specially designed to survive the acidic stomach environment and be delivered to the intestines
RatingHealthcare ProductBowtrol Probiotic contains 9 Billion live probiotic cells, more than 5 times the live active cultures typically found in yogurt, but without the sugar and calories.

Guarantee You may return any unused and unopened item purchased from them for any reason within Ninety (90) days of your purchase.

Bowtrol Probiotic contains 9 billion organisms per gram of Lactobacillus sporogenes culture. It is 100% vegetarian and contains no added excipients or fillers. This product contains no diary, wheat, yeast, corn, sugar, starch, soy or preservatives.

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