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How to Get Rid of Bad Breath? Natural Halitosis Treatment Products

How to Stop Bad Breath Naturally?

The best natural products to cure bad breath are:

Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis can be extremely annoying to others and equally embarrassing to you, particularly when you are aware of it. Bad breath leads to stress, anxiety and several other health issues. Of course, you can use gums, mints, mouthwashes and other bad breath fighting products, but they provide only temporary respite and hardly address the main causes of bad breath.

The main cause of bad breath is related to certain foods, eating habits and your health conditions. In most of the cases, you can manage bad breath by maintaining your dental hygiene. However, if you don't see any improvements from your self-care practices, get an appointment with your dentist because bad breath may be the sign of a more serious problem.

National Institutes of Health According to National Institutes of Health:

Bad breath is a very common health condition and almost 80 million people suffer from chronic bad breath. Generally, bad breath originates from the tongue and gums.

When trapped food particles and debris decay, the bacterial activity produces a sulfur compound that emits an unpleasant odor. Poor hygiene practices contribute to this waste production activity.

Halitosis Symptoms

Sometimes, the signs and symptoms of halitosis are temporary and people ignore out of their courtesy. As a result, people may remain unaware that they are having a bad breath. The unpleasant odor depends on the underlying condition, and in chronic halitosis, the following halitosis symptoms may appear:
  • Foul smell
  • Bad, sour or changed taste
  • Dry mouth
  • A coating on the tongue

Causes of Bad Breath

There can be various causes of bad breath, but most of them relate to your mouth and dental health. Some of the possible causes of halitosis include:
  • Decaying food particles around your teeth will always cause bad breath. Unpleasant breath also occurs due to eating certain spicy foods prepared with garlic and onions.
  • Smoking or using other tobacco products will also cause unpleasant breath. These products lead to gum disease and aggravate the problem.
  • Poor dental hygiene contributes to the bacterial growth and tooth decay. If food particles, bacteria, and waste products are not regularly brushed away, it leads to plaque formation and periodontitis (plaque filled pockets between your teeth and gums). The plaque filled pockets and irritated gums cause more bacterial activity.
  • Saliva not only keeps your mouth clean by removing trapped particles, but also contains anti-bacterial properties. In case of xerostomia or dry mouth, this cleaning function is considerably reduced due to low saliva production.
  • Some issues related to your oral health like mouth sores, infections, tooth decay, and gum diseases may cause bad breath.
  • Some medications also cause bad breath by causing dry mouth or releasing chemicals in the mouth that are carried on your breath.
National Health ServiceNational Health Service:

Some health conditions, particularly metabolic disorders and cancers can produce a very distinctive breath odor due to certain chemicals that are released.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (reflux of stomach acids) may also cause bad breath. In case of young or growing children, bad breath mainly occurs due to trapped food particles that may get lodged in the nostril.

Diagnosis of Bad Breath

Your friends and family members can easily tell about your bad breath, but you can get an appointment with your dentists to diagnose any possibility of breath odor. Your doctor may schedule an appointment before you brush your teeth and require you to answer a questionnaire regarding your eating habits, oral hygiene practices, and any infections, allergies or gum diseases you may have.
  • Your doctor will require a complete medical and dental history for diagnosing the causing factor. Your doctor may ask your family history, medical conditions, medications, tobacco use, dietary habits, and the duration of bad breath problem.
  • Your doctor may take X-rays and prepare periodontal charting for evaluating your oral health, particularly when any gum disease is likely to be the main reason for bad breath.

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath?

How to get rid of bad breath? A good oral hygiene will prevent gum disease and help you get rid of bad breath. Other treatments for bad breath may depend on the causing factor and your oral health. If your dentist suspects that your bad breath is related to any health conditions or medications, he or she may refer you to certain specialists or care provider.

In most of the cases, bad breath is caused by bacterial activity and plaque buildup on your teeth. Using mouth rinses can significantly improve your condition. If your dentist recommends, you can also use medicated toothpaste to eliminate bacteria and prevent plaque buildup.

If you are suffering from any gum disease, you can get an appointment with a periodontist (gum specialist). Untreated infections will cause your gum to pull away from the teeth, creating deep pockets where food particles will be trapped and cause more problems. Sometimes sub-gingival plaque deposition takes place, which can be cleaned only by professionals. In fact, your dentist may recommend the best method for restoring any tooth problem and stopping bacterial growth.

Sometimes, health problems like acid reflux, diabetes or sinus infractions may cause or aggravate your breath odor. In such cases, you should consult your health care provider for managing the underlying health issues. Similarly, if you feel that your bad breath is due to some kind of medications, always consult your doctor and never discontinue your medicines with his or her recommendations.

Natural Halitosis Treatment Products

Halitosis can severely affect your health and relationships. This is the reason why tooth brushes, mouth fresheners, and other halitosis treatment products have spurred to become a multi-billion dollars industry. Unfortunately, these treatments provide only a temporary respite to your bad breath problem.

Regardless of the special designs and glorified claims, toothbrushes don't reach the back of your tongue where bacterial growth may take place and cause halitosis. Antibacterial mouthwashes are also not very effective in treating chronic halitosis. Oral hygiene practices can be very instrumental in preventing bad breath, but if you are already suffering from chronic halitosis, they provide only temporary respite.

How to get rid of bad breath forever? If dental hygiene practices are not sufficient to take care of your bad breath, natural halitosis treatment products are the best choice for treating halitosis. These natural halitosis treatment products contain cleansing and detoxifying properties. When taken internally, they improve breath freshness and promote a healthy mouth, throat and digestive tract by supporting the natural cleansing system of the body.

We researched and found the best natural halitosis treatment products:
  1. Biogetica MouthGumFormula — 94 pts.
  2. ProFresh — 71 pts.
RatingHealthcare Product#1 - Biogetica MouthGumFormula, 94 points out of 100. Biogetica MouthGumFormula is a non-addictive and absolutely safe homeopathic formulation for preventing bad breath (halitosis), maintaining breath freshness, sustaining good oral health. This natural bad breath remedy can be used at the very first sign of bad breath, but it can be very instrumental in systemic cleansing and sustaining for fresher breath for longer durations.

Money-Back Guarantee: Simply try Biogetica MouthGumFormula for at least 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied - for any reason - return the product within 1 year for a complete refund less shipping fees.

Biogetica MouthGumFormula Ingredients: Kali phos, Nat sulph, Carduus mar, Silicea.

Why #1? Biogetica MouthGumFormula is available as small tablets which can be easily taken by people with all age groups. The unique homeopathic formula of Biogetica MouthGumFormula is hundred percent safe, hassle-free and doesn't produce any kinds of side effects.

Order Biogetica MouthGumFormula
RatingHealthcare Product#2 - ProFresh, 71 points out of 100. ProFresh provides you with a complete package of materials and instructions to achieve a new level of oral hygiene. The active ingredient in ProFresh is chlorine dioxide, a very effective deodorizing and anti-bacterial agent. Its unique properties work to neutralize the organic bacteria in the mouth and the odors they generate.

Money-Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied that the ProFresh has relieved your bad breath problem, simply return the remaining components and sales slip in their original box within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, less shipping and handling charges.

ProFresh Ingredients: chlorine dioxide, flavoring compounds.

Why not #1? ProFresh is a mouthwash for oral hygiene. Even the most effective mouthwashes will not help people with halitosis, they are designed to temporary hide the problem.

Order ProFresh

How to Prevent Bad Breath?

Your oral hygiene practices can be very instrumental in preventing bad breath.

You should always clean your teeth after meals, particularly before bed. Make sure to floss daily and ensure that nothing remains trapped between your teeth. Use mouthwash to decrease bacterial activity. Properly clean your tongue by using a toothbrush or tongue scraper.

Maintain proper hydration to avoid dry mouth related breath odor. Drinking water at regular intervals will remove trapped food particles and help you stay hydrated. If you are smoking or using any kinds of tobacco product, quitting it can really improve your oral health and prevent bad odor.

Best Natural Halitosis Treatment Products

How to get rid of bad breath? The best natural halitosis treatment products are:
Last Updated: 2023-07-04