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Beauty & Well-being


Beauty is referred to one of the characteristic features of the individual, article, idea, animal or some spot. One is pleased to look at it because the object probably harmonizes well with the surrounding and people are attracted to it. It helps to feel emotionally well.


Wellbeing is essential aspect of life for persons and societies. Wellbeing contains features that provide the feeling of prosperity of separate people and social groups.

Beauty & Wellbeing Healthcare Products

Beauty & wellbeing healthcare products may help you live less stressful life, communicate with other people and enjoy your own appearance!

Beauty & Well-being

Beauty & Well-being Featured Products


Featured in: Tattoo Removal Creams
RatingHealthcare ProductProFade is a tattoo removal cream for removing your old and uncomfortable tattoos or permanent cosmetics. It is much cheaper than laser treatment, implicates no type of pain and leave no marks or scars. By using Profade, you can make tattoos disappear regardless of the color, type and quantity of the ink, age of the tattoo or the depth of the tattoo.

ProFade guarantee: 2 months. You can get a full refund in case you aren't completely satisfied with the results.

Profade 1 Pre-Moisture Cream works as a preparation cream that moisturizes the skin before undergoing a skin treatment.
Profade 2 Regenerator Moisturizing Gel helps in skin regeneration and acts as a healing cream on wounds which are not open.

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