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How to Treat Overactive Bladder? Natural Treatment for Overactive Bladder Problems

How to Treat Overactive Bladder?

The best overactive bladder medications are:


Belonging to the digestive system of your organism bladder (gallbladder) is meant for urine storage. Consuming water and food your body gets water. This water goes through kidneys and then urine is produced, which unites this water with wastes of the organism. Actually, bladder is like an empty muscle (detrusor muscle) which grows when bladder contains urine. It is relaxed letting bladder enter and then sphincter muscles (the ones at the bottom of the bladder) start contracting to hold urine inside it. Bladder functions when joint muscles work.

University of Maryland Medical Center University of Maryland Medical Center : The muscles and nerves of the urinary system work together to hold urine in the bladder and then release it at the appropriate time. In case of appropriate bladder control, nerves carry messages from the bladder to the brain and from the brain to the muscles of the bladder telling them either to tighten or release.
Bladder can be of different capacity. It determines the quantity of urine bladder can hold. It is under control of our brain. If fifty percent of bladder is filled with urine, then special signals are perceived by the spinal cord through the pelvic nerves. At such moments you experience the necessity to urinate to make your bladder empty again.

Bladder capacity depends upon the age too. When the person is young the bladder can take about 1/4 liter until the person feels the need to go to the toilet, but in fact bladder can take up to 480 liters.

Bladder Control

This is how bladder control functions. In the process of urinating the brain gets information that bladder is empty. With this the function of bladder muscles alters letting urine out. In other words healthy bladder muscles contractions alternate, their modes change one another. The mode of storage is active in the bladder when needed. Usually this is typical to urinate at least 4 times and up to 8 times a day.

Healthy Bladder

To enjoy healthy bladder you should take care of it. Daily urination from 4 to 6 times is a necessity and this is normal to get up to go to the toilet up to 2 times during the night.

You should follow these tips to have a healthy bladder:
  1. The daily amount of water should be from 1.5 liters, up to 8 cups of water if your physician does not recommend something opposite.
  2. Decrease alcohol and caffeine intake as this is bad for your bladder. Much coffee, cola or tea will also harm you. If there is still a desire, then choose a drink with less caffeine in it, for instance, instant coffee, because brewed coffee can be too strong and therefore harmful, they destroy your healthy bladder and cause bladder problems.
  3. Developing the habit to urinate when you feel no necessity in it is not that good. It should be done only when the bladder is filled. Though it is okay to go to the toilet before your sleep at night.
  4. Do not hurry when you go to the toilet and try to urinate fully at that otherwise your haste can bring to bladder problems and the bladder infection may develop. The healthy bladder should be completely empty after you went to the toilet. It is recommendable to be on the toilet sit at that for women, not to hover over it.
  5. Much fruit and vegetables is healthy for your bowel and helps avoid bladder problems.
  6. Straining is not advised during bowel usage. This is not good for muscles which are in charge of muscles contributing to bladder control - pelvic floor muscles.
  7. Pelvic floor muscles should be trained to prevent bladder problems.
  8. In case you have some bladder problems, if you noticed leak, it is necessary to apply to your doctor.

Bladder Problems

Some bladder problems can be in the way of healthy bladder functioning. A range of bladder problems become evident and look like incontinence, therefore doctor's help is required to find the reason for bladder problem.
  • Bladder cancer is the development of malignant tumor in the bladder.
  • Bladder stones - when minerals from the kidneys are excreted, minerals are crystallized in the bladder.
  • Cystitis - inflamed bladder is usually women's disease, though men also suffer from it sometimes.
  • Overactive bladder - the state of bladder when the person has a desire to urinate often.
  • Shy bladder - a kind of phobia influencing the person's ability to urinate when somebody observes it.
  • Urethritis - inflamed urethra causing pain when one goes to the toilet.
National Institutes of HealthNational Institutes of Health: The bladder is a hollow organ in your lower abdomen that stores urine. Many conditions can cause bladder problems. Some common ones are:
Overactive bladder
- Infection - a urinary tract infection in the bladder is also known as cystitis
- Urinary incontinence - loss of bladder control
- Interstitial cystitis - a chronic problem in which the bladder wall can become inflamed and irritated, leading to frequent, painful urination
- Bladder cancer - the sixth most common cancer in the United States.

Overactive Bladder

An overactive bladder is a state when immediate necessity to go to the toilet arises causing discomfort for the person. It can pass with leakage of urine or without it.

Overactive bladder happens when bladder muscles (smooth muscle of detrusor muscle in particular) contractions happen with bigger frequency and when you do not want it at all. When the bladder should stay relaxed, it contracts, even when for instance, the bladder is filling.

Bladder Control Problems

Unforeseen urine leakage from the bladder denotes that there's bladder control problem, which is in other words named urinary inconsistence. Unforeseen leaking means that there is a problem with the bladder.

Bad bladder control is in the basis of the problem. Many patients suffer from poor bladder control at this or that period of life, but the older the person - the bigger the risk of overactive bladder. Women have such problems as bad bladder control more frequently too. This is quite common to have a bad bladder control. For instance, this is one of the most wide-spread diseases in the United States with 14 million patients having blood control problems at certain point of life. Embarrassment can be in the way when people do not visit doctor suffering from bladder control problems or overactive bladder.

FDAU.S. Food and Drug Administration: The bladder is the organ that holds urine. Many people with bladder control problems hide the problem from everyone, even from their doctor. There is no need to do that.

In most cases loss of bladder control can be treated. It might even be cured. If you are having bladder control problems, don't suffer in silence.

Causes of Bladder Problems

There are some states that cause bladder problems. Among them are the following:
  • Pregnancy, surgery, vaginal delivery, some unexpected injury or radiation. These events may evoke such problems, though there are some others.
  • Chronicle state of constipation, when you have to bear down too much.
  • Certain lung states when breathing disorders press with bigger might pelvis and abdomen.
  • Neurological conditions, such as spina bifida and multiple sclerosis, when muscles and nerves do not work properly.
  • There are some kinds of job that makes hazards bigger, when the person lifts extra weight (excessive physical activity as a rule).
  • Sometimes urinary inconsistence is connected with medical preparations which are taken for something else, for instance, diuretics. Among the harmful things are also caffeine intake, smoking and obesity.
  • In some cases kidney stones, bladder stones, certain types of cancer can make the bladder leak.
  • Often there are unknown reasons of overactive bladder though.
National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney DiseasesNational Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases: Problems in the urinary system can be caused by aging, illness, or injury. As you get older, changes in the kidneys' structure cause them to lose some of their ability to remove wastes from the blood. Also, the muscles in your ureters, bladder, and urethra tend to lose some of their strength. You may have more urinary infections because the bladder muscles do not tighten enough to empty your bladder completely. A decrease in strength of muscles of the sphincters and the pelvis can also cause incontinence, the unwanted leakage of urine. Illness or injury can also prevent the kidneys from filtering the blood completely or block the passage of urine.

Overactive Bladder Medications

Overactive bladder medications, such as anticholinergics, can control overactive bladder by relaxing bladder muscles. Overactive bladder control medications my cause certain side effects, which are likely to appear if you take them in high dosage. Side effects of overactive bladder medications can include: If a patient takes other prescription medications, they may interact with bladder control medicine. For example, diuretics for high blood pressure and obesity pills can cause additional pressure on the bladder.

The choice of overactive bladder medications depends on what kind of bladder problem you have. It also depends on the cause of bladder problems. Anyway overactive bladder medications should promote healthy bladder support and maintain bladder and urinary tract health.

Natural Treatment for Overactive Bladder

Overactive bladder is most commonly treated with prescription overactive bladder medications to control muscles. Pharmaceutical drugs for bladder control may decrease urgency, frequency and urge incontinence. However, they often cause side effects of dry mouth, constipation, headache and blurred vision. Yet, herbal remedies are becoming more common as a natural treatment for overactive bladder.

Since prescription overactive bladder medications may do more harm than good, we recommend only natural treatment for overactive bladder:
  1. Flotrol BladderControl — 94 pts.
  2. Biogetica BedWetFormula — 79 pts.
RatingHealthcare Product#1 - Flotrol BladderControl, 94 points out of 100. Flotrol BladderControl is a natural treatment for overactive bladder that can help strengthen sphincters while also having a unique calming effect on the bladder. Don't let your overactive bladder dictate your schedule - take control with the Flotrol Natural BladderControl supplement.

Guarantee: 90 Day. If you have not seen the results you were expecting or are not satisfied in any way, send then back your empty or partially used containers.

Flotrol BladderControl Formula is a combination of soy germ extract and lipid-free pumpkin seed extract. Soy is considered to be beneficial for maintaining a healthy bladder. The use of pumpkin seed dates back to 16th century when it was used for bladder health.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, adults should take 2-4 capsules in the morning and 2-4 capsules at night. If diarrhea continues, increase dosage by one capsule and continue taking product until desired effects are realized, or as directed by a physician.

Why #1? Flotrol BladderControl is clinically proven to help! In a clinical study, subjects were given a natural treatment for overactive bladder (Flotrol BladderControl) over a period of several weeks. Marked improvement in bladder health and quality of life was shown after the first week.

Order Flotrol BladderControl
RatingHealthcare Product#2 - Biogetica BedWetFormula, 79 points out of 100. Biogetica BedWetFormula is a three-part approach especially formulated by a team of experts in natural medicine. Biogetica BedWetFormula is a safe, non-addictive, natural remedy, containing 100% homeopathic ingredients selected to temporarily relieve bladder symptoms of burning, frequent urination and irritation.

Biogetica BedWetFormula Guarantee: Simply try Biogetica BedWetFormula for at least 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied - for any reason - return the product for a complete refund less shipping fees.

Biogetica BedWetFormula includes 3 products:
BladderWell contains the following ingredients: Apis mel 30C HPUS, Cantharis 30C HPUS, Equisetum arv 30C HPUS, Ferrum phos 8X HPUS, Sarsaparilla 30C HPUS.
Triple Complex UT Tonic contains the following ingredients: Ferrum phos 8X HPUS, Kali sulph 6X HPUS, Nat phos 6X HPUS.
UTI-Clear is a 100% herbal formula that contains the following ingredients in therapeutic dosage: Bearberry leaf, Bilberry, Buchu, Green oats, St. John's wort, Lemon balm, Echinacea, and Yarrow.

Why not #1? Biogetica BedWetFormula is not a permanent cure. It's designed to temporarily relieve symptoms of overactive bladder. Biogetica BedWetFormula includes three remedies and it is a bit overpriced; other products offer the same advantages for a lower price.

Order Biogetica BedWetFormula

How to Prevent Bladder Problems?

Kegel exercises for both sexes contribute to bladder muscles strengthening them. They help the bladder keep the urine. Among the exercises are tightening of the muscles (pelvic floor muscles), then holding of the muscles and relaxation. Fulfill it while urinating. When you begin urinating, then make a pause and hold it to begin again later. There can be some problems with it at the start but you should not refuse from these exercises. Then your efforts will be rewarded and you will be able to control your bladder.

This is possible to reduce the frequency of urinating if you consume less water, but this is not the best solution because it can harm you health. There is a necessity for every person to consume 1/2 body weight in ounces daily. Those who have weight 110 pounds then you should drink 55 ounces.

Drink less alcohol drinks, soft drinks, coffee. They produce the effect diuretics do. In fact you go to the bathroom more frequently. All products containing caffeine are diuretics, even if it is decaffeinated coffee as well as soda because one can't take away caffeine completely. The trouble is not only in your constant running to the toilet, but your loss of useful nutrients, which go away from the organism. In case you are fond of such beverages you can add supplementary glass of water for every glass you consume instead of water you are going to lose.

With constipation you more often go to the toilet. The bladder needs space to get bigger as it fills. During constipation lower intestine is full and this affects the space of the bladder too.

As people go to the toilet in haste and wish to make more they start suffering from the bladder problems. Physical relaxation will bring you good at least for some time. Then wait a little and make a try again. Often times there will be, and you'll have a longer interval between trips.

The Best Natural Treatment for Overactive Bladder

How to treat overactive bladder? The best natural treatments for overactive bladder are:
Last Updated: 2021-09-20