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How to Cure Boils? Natural Treatment for Boils

How to Cure Boils Naturally?

How to cure boils? Our top recommended natural boils treatment products are:


Boils (furuncles) are swollen painful lumps that occur on the skin. Pus is accumulated inside them. They are caused practically in all cases by infective follicultis or staph bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus), in particular. Most often the germ remains on the skin surface causing no harm, but as numerous people are the "carriers" of it, they are always subjected to risk any time they scratch the skin and provide the entry for the bacteria to get inside the hair follicle and infect it. As a result the boil appears afterwards.

A range of measures can provide security and prevent boils, but pus should be drained for boils treatment. They can do it on their own, but you can remove infected fluid with the help of health care specialist who will lance the boil. Sometimes antibiotics are recommended as a boils treatment option. If you do not treat boils they can grow bigger and unite with other boils thus forming a carbuncle. In rare cases without proper boils treatment the infection can get into the bloodstream, bringing to severe disease. That is why it is so important to learn how to cure boils.

CNN HealthAccording to CNN Health:

Boils are often caused by a bacterial infection, most commonly staph (Staphylococcus aureus). Up to 80 percent of people will have staph bacteria on their skin or in the nose at some point in their life. Most of the time there are no symptoms of boils. This is called being colonized. About 1 percent of people have a special type of staph called methicillin-resistant Staph aureus (or MRSA for short), which is resistant to some boils treatment antibiotics and may be harder to treat.
The most frequent places where boils generally appear are face, neck, armpits, buttocks and thighs.

Types of Boils

Regarding different types of boils one can distinguish the following ones:
  • Furuncle or carbuncle: This type of boils is a skin abscess that appeared due to Staphylococcus aureus bacterium. Openings of furuncle on the skin can be connected with chills. Carbuncle is often a set of hair follicles which form an absess. When one has chronic boils, he suffers from carbunculosis or furunculosis.
  • Cystic acne: This type of boils occurs after clogging and infection of oil ducts. Cystic acne has an effect on more profound skin tissue in comparison with regular acne, which affects the skin on more superficial level. This type of acne occurs on the face. Generally the teenagers are subjected to it.
  • Hidradenitis suppurativa: When numerous abscesses are gathered in the areas of the groin and under the armpits, this is called Hidradenitis suppurativa. This condition is developed in the places where sweat glands are located. They are and inflamed and cause this condition. The boils treatment includes not only antibiotics but a surgical procedure too, which puts away the sweat glands involved to prevent further inflammation.
  • Pilonidal cyst: This type of boils is located in the groove between the buttocks. Pilonidal abscess frequently starts as small infected areas which are irritated by excessive pressure and are inflamed because of it. Then the area gets bigger and turns into a solid, aching nodule that it is not comfortable to sit. When you have to sit for a long time during some trips, for instance, this position and pressure on the coccyx causes infection.

Boils Symptoms

The boils symptoms are simple, a boil as a rule occurs all of sudden as a lump of red color which causes pain reaching in diameter 1-2 cm. The skin around it can also be red or swollen.

Then pus is accumulated in the bump. It gradually enlarges and can reach the size of a golf ball. It grows larger and gets more painful, sometimes reaching golf ball size. Then it becomes of yellow-white color, which bursts at last and drains. It takes usually two weeks for the boil to disappear or up to one month in rare cases. When boils are little, they do not leave scars on the skin. But larger boils can leave them.

The location of boils can be at any place of the body, but the most frequent location is on the face, armpits, neck, buttocks and thighs - areas with hair follicles which are subjected to sweat or friction.

Boils look like bumps which are inflamed and bring pain. Boils are evoked by cystic acne. If we compare it with acne cysts, boils are redder; the inflammation is bigger and brings more pain.

A carbuncle frequently appears on the shoulders, thighs and rear of the neck as a group of boils. It affects the skin deeper infecting it on a more profound level than separate boils do. The dynamics of carbuncles development is slower, it is harder to heal them and they leave a scar on the skin. At times carbuncles are connected with conditions of exhaustion and fever.

National Institutes of Health National Institutes of Health:

Other boils symptoms may include:
  1. Fatigue
  2. Fever
  3. General ill-feeling
  4. Itching before furuncle develops
  5. Skin redness or inflammation around the lesion

Boils Causes

The boils causes can be different. Ingrown hair can provoke boils. Even a splinter can bring to it as well as any other foreign body stuck in the skin. As clogged sweat glands are infected they can turn into boils too.

The skin is important for protection of our immune system against bacteria and foreign materials. Any skin damage of the skin can become an abscess if it happens to be infected with harmful germ.

Boils may appear in teenagers and young adults. If your immune system is weakened, you have more chances to get boils, this is one of the most frequent causes of boils.

Usually, the skin defends the body and bacteria can't get inside. Nevertheless, at times staph bacteria can get into your body through the cut in the skin or a hair follicle.

As your skin is infected, the reaction of the immune system follows. It sends white blood cells to the cause of the infection to get rid of the bacteria. When it kills bacteria, dead white blood cells are combined with dead skin cells the boil appears with pus inside.

Centers for Disease Control and PreventionCenters for Disease Control and Prevention: It is useful to remember that staph is primarily spread from person to person. This may be particularly important in your case since people who live together may transfer staph back and forth, causing repeated infections. To prevent boils, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the following:
  1. Keep your skin clean.
  2. Don't share personal items. This includes towels, clothes, razors and other objects. Also, clean off shared gym equipment after using.
  3. Cover your wounds to prevent any bacteria from coming into contact with others.

Boils Treatment

If your goal is to find out how to cure boils, there are different boils treatment options. Drain the boil well prior to the infection clearance. In case the boil does not disappear on its own, the health care specialist can carry out the procedure, during which he lances the skin with a sterile needle on the upper part of the boil. Sometimes small blade is used. The task is to make the boil drain. The doctor will make the spot clean and put bandage on it. At home you will have to wash and use the medication (antibacterial boils treatment in particular), bandage up the place repeatedly. Oral intake of antibiotics is also prescribed as a boils treatment sometimes.

Your medical doctor can decide to take a swab of the pus to analyze it in the laboratory. He can also decide to take swabs from different places (armpits, nose, and even from the anus area or genital area). It is done to discover the presence of staph bacteria. In case you are a carrier, the doctor will recommend either nasal or oral boils treatment antibiotics for you. It is performed to avoid the repetition and prevent boils. Besides, it will lower the possibility of germ spread. It is essential to complete the course of boils treatment antibiotics.

American Osteopathic College of DermatologyAccording to American Osteopathic College of Dermatology:

Some people have multiple or recurrent boils. These boils are usually Staph infections (furuncles or carbuncles). The bacteria are picked up somewhere and then live on the skin, crowding out the normal, harmless bacteria we all carry. The source may be a family member, a pet or just appear "out of the blue."

In these cases boils treatment antibiotics are taken by mouth for 10 or 14 days. In stubborn cases two oral boils treatment antibiotics plus topical antibiotic boils treatment ointments are usually required to eliminate the bacteria. Natural treatment for boils can also be used to support healing process.
There is always an alternative to treat boils on your own if they are not so big. The natural treatment for boils should start at once when a boil is discovered because it reduces chance of complications later on.

Natural Treatment for Boils

How to cure boils? Boils treatment antibiotics are necessary to remove the bacterial infection, particularly if the skin around is infected. But in some situations you will not require them. Actually, antibiotics can hardly penetrate the surface of an abscess well and do not work as a boils treatment if it is not drained surgically.

You can try natural treatment for boils, as a perfect alternative to prescription medications. Natural treatment for boils can help reduce your symptoms of boils safely and quickly!
RatingHealthcare Product#1 - JustNutritive, 95 points out of 100. JustNutritive is a natural boils treatment formula with a complex blend of plant-based ingredients known to help relieve the symptoms of boils.

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Suggested Use: Adults and children over 12: Spray twice under tongue up to three times a day. Children under 12 or women who are pregnant or breast feeding: consult a doctor before use. Keep out of reach of children.

Why #1? The JustNutritive formula is a complex blend of plant-based ingredients known to help relieve the symptoms of boils, and their homeopathic experts go to great lengths to assure purity and quality. The manufacturer sets the highest standards in formulations, and chooses only top-of-the-line ingredients you can trust.

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RatingHealthcare Product#2 - Biogetica Boilease, 81 points out of 100. Biogetica Boilease is a homeopathic medicine formulated to assist in the treatment of dental abscesses and boils. Working together with the body's own healing processes, the homeopathic ingredients in Biogetica Boilease are especially chosen for their ability to help the body expel the infection more quickly and reduce inflammation and swelling to encourage a speedy recovery.

Guarantee: Simply try Biogetica Boilease for at least 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied - for any reason - return the product for a complete refund less shipping fees.

Active Ingredients of Biogetica Boilease: Silicea (6X), Calc sulph (6X), Hepar sulph (30C), Arnica (6C), Merc sol. (30C).

Why not #1? Biogetica Boilease is designed to treat only dental abscesses and boils.

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How to Prevent Boils?

Boils normally occur because of the staph bacteria living on the body. Bacteria gets through the scratch on the skin surface, the place turns red and swollen. As a result a pus appears. Find out how you can be protected from boils and how to prevent boils:
  • Wash your hands to remove bacteria. As you touch your face with dirty hands you can transfer bacteria there. It is better to use water and soap for it though rubs for hands without alcohol will also do. Personal hygiene is very important therefore take shower or bath often to prevent boils.
  • In case your skin was damaged you should keep it clean and prevent boils. Cover the break and keep away from the contact with the wound. Use natural treatment for boils.
  • Do not shave if it is possible. If you damage the skin when shaving this will be ideal beginning of the development of the infection.
  • Consult the doctor concerning your repeated infections. He will probably prescribe antibiotic ointment for you though in some case oral medication is recommended. The goal is to remove the bacteria. Cleanser of definite type can be effective as well to get rid of germs and prevent boils.
  • There are some medical conditions weakening the immune system and therefore the person is subjected to the recurring staph infections.

Best Natural Treatment for Boils

How to cure boils? The best natural treatments for boils are:
Last Updated: 2023-07-04