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How to Get Rid of Flatulence? Natural Products for Flatulence Treatment

How to Get Rid of Flatulence Naturally?

The best natural products to treat flatulence are:

What is Flatulence?

Most people have done it before, but it is something that most people would prefer to avoid talking about or doing in public: passing gas. Even though it is often used as a joke in movies or cartoons, in a social setting flatulence can be extremely embarrassing. That is why many people who struggle with flatulence would like to know how to get rid of flatulence and how to prevent flatulence in the first place.

National Institutes of Health National Institutes of Health[1]:

Even though it should be clear for most people, the exact definition of flatulence is releasing gas from the digestive system through the anus. Even though this is a normal process, it does carry a social stigma.
Flatulence occurs when gas is collected inside of the digestive system and is unable to escape in another way. These excessive digestive gases need to 'escape' somewhere. What are the causes of flatulence and what are some types of foods that you should avoid if you want to avoid flatulence altogether?

Foods that Cause Flatulence

Even though there are many other flatulence treatment options, one of the best ways to get rid of flatulence is to ensure that you avoid one of the primary causes of flatulence: foods that cause flatulence. This should help in greatly reducing the symptoms of flatulence for most people.

Any healthy diet is going to require a great deal of variety. It is important that you not avoid foods that cause flatulence, primarily because these foods often have essential nutrients that our bodies need. A few of the foods that we know increase the chances of getting flatulence include:
  • Vegetables - Including cabbage, Brussels sprouts, onions, eggplants, and carrots;
  • Legumes - Nuts, soybeans, chickpeas, peas, and beans;
  • Foods that have a lot of insoluble fiber - Husks and seeds especially;
  • Fruit - Pears, peaches, apricots, and apples;
  • Dried fruits - Prunes and raisins especially;
  • Dairy products - This is often if someone has lactose intolerance.

Causes of Flatulence

There are a number of other causes of flatulence that are not directly related to what we eat. Aside from the foods that cause flatulence, these are some of the other reasons that we may have excessive digestive gases:
  • Intestinal bacteria - Our bowels are filled with a number of bacteria. These bacteria help ferment some of the components of our food that we eat. One of the by-products of this fermentation process is gas. We breathe some of the gas out through our lungs, and some of the gas is absorbed into the bloodstream. However, the bowel is responsible for removing the rest.
  • Swallowed air - We breathe in small quantities of air along with any liquid or food that we ingest. The bloodstream from the small intestine absorbs the nitrogen and oxygen from the swallowed air, but again the rest has to be removed through our bowels.
There are also a wide range of problems (either temporary or digestive problems) that could lead to flatulence. These include:

How to Diagnose Excessive Digestive Gases

Even though flatulence might first appear like a flatulence treatment is not really necessary, but if you have any of the flatulence complications you will want to know how to get rid of flatulence.

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney DiseasesNational Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases[2]:

How is it possible to diagnose excessive digestive gases? A doctor can help discover the underlying cause of flatulence. The first things that a doctor might recommend is changing your diet, just because there are so many different foods that cause flatulence.
However, if that does not offer the relief that you are after, there are other ways to find the causes of flatulence.
  • Imaging tests - These include a CT scan of the abdomen. It is also possible to run an MRI or ultrasound scan to find any problems that may be present in the digestive tract.
  • Contrast X-rays - In order for abnormalities in the digestive tract to show up in the digestive tract on an X-ray, you often have to take Barium to do so.
  • Endoscopy - These may include an upper endoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, or colonoscopy. This involves going through the rectum to check any abnormalities.
  • Blood tests - There are any number of infections or health problems that could lead to flatulence. A doctor could draw blood samples and run a number of tests to determine what might be the cause of the flatulence.

Complications of Flatulence

Some people may assume that the only complication that comes with flatulence is the social stigma of not being allowed to pass gas in public. However, these excessive digestive gases can cause other problems as well.

One of the primary causes to seek out a flatulence treatment is because of the stress associated with not being able to contain your own flatulence. This is why natural products for flatulence treatment are increasingly popular.

Another reason to use medicine for flatulence is the fact that you can actually have a great deal of pain and discomfort when you have the excess buildup of gas in your stomach. After a while, it could potentially become painful to pass gas or feel even more bloated than before.

How to Get Rid of Flatulence

Fortunately, it is possible to get rid of flatulence with a good flatulence treatment. You are able to train yourself to take in less air each time that you eat or drink something. This is going to drastically reduce the amount of air that you will have to expel later.

National Health ServiceNational Health Service[3]:

It is also a good idea to change your diet around and see if you cannot avoid some of the foods that cause flatulence. If you notice that your body responds positively to these changes, you are able to scale back on the causes of flatulence yourself.
There are also prescription medicines for flatulence and over-the-counter alternatives that might work. One of the other popular alternatives include natural products for flatulence treatment. These are a few of the more popular flatulence treatment options:
  1. Activated Charcoal

    One of the first flatulence treatment options to discuss include charcoal tablets. These are going to absorb gas through the digestive system. This is going to help you avoid excess gas and bloating. The only problem with using these tablets is that you are not treating the underlying condition. You are only masking the problem itself.

    This is how you get rid of flatulence as long as you are constantly taking these tablets. Without them, your problem is going to resurface and you will still have to either deal with the underlying problem or have to start taking the charcoal tablets again.

  2. Digestive enzymes

    Oftentimes the problems with flatulence are caused by some of the specific foods that cause flatulence. Foods such as vegetables and beans have very complex carbohydrates that can be hard for our body to break down. As a result, it is possible to have problems with excess gas.

    These enzymes are going to help break down these complex carbohydrates. As a result, the body is going to have fewer problems with flatulence. The only problem with these enzymes is that they are not going to solve problems with lactose intolerance, nor are they going to resolve any problems related to ingesting fiber.

  3. Medicine for Flatulence

    There is specific medicine for flatulence that is going to help you address some of the causes of flatulence. The first option here are antacids. These are going to neutralize (counteract) the acid in your stomach. It is possible for this to produce flatulence itself though.

    Another option to try are probiotics. These probiotics are going to kill some of the bad bacteria in the digestive tract and strengthen the good type of bacteria. This is especially useful if someone has a bad diet or has had some sort of problem with their stomach lining before. Again these are oftentimes considered to be temporary options that you only take for a short time period.

  4. Prescription medications

    If you are seeking a long-term option for flatulence treatment or just do not want to give up specific foods that you notice are giving you flatulence, it is possible to address the symptoms of flatulence through prescription medicine for flatulence.

    This may be especially good if you have a disorder such as irritable bowel syndrome. There are some alternatives that are going to increase gut activity and thereby reduce problems with flatulence. Alternative options are just going to move the gas through the bowels much faster.

Natural Products for Flatulence Treatment

Unlike some of the other flatulence treatment options that we discussed, it is possible to use natural products for flatulence treatment to directly address the causes of flatulence and the symptoms of flatulence without needing a prescription. These products are made to restore normal levels of gas in the gut and supporting the digestive system.

If you want some advice on which natural products for flatulence treatment others are using, these are a few of the more promising options:
  1. Biogetica GastricFormula — 94 pts.
  2. YourBiology — 87 pts.
  3. IBComfort — 71 pts.
RatingHealthcare Product#1 - Biogetica GastricFormula, 94 points out of 100. - This herbal supplement is going to support the digestive system while simultaneously calming down the digestive tract. Just a few drops in a bit of water is going to help a great deal. This means that you do not have to stop eating your favorite foods, nor do you have to worry about everything that you eat. Because of the production method, the bioavailability is such that the body is able to process all the different ingredients.

Guarantee: Simply try Biogetica GastricFormula for at least 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied - for any reason - return the product within 1 year for a complete refund less shipping fees.

Biogetica GastricFormula Ingredients: Biogetica GastricFormula is a 100% herbal formula that contains the following certified organic ingredients in therapeutic dosage: Fennel, Ginger, and Peppermint.

Why #1? This formula ensures safety and the bioavailability and balance of all the active ingredients which have been tested in numerous clinical trials. This manufacturing method also completely reduces the probability of side effects and confirms that all herbal and natural ingredients are in perfect balance with your body.

Order Biogetica GastricFormula
RatingHealthcare Product#2 - YourBiology, 87 points out of 100. YourBiology, a dietary supplement, contains active enzymes formulated to supplement what you may not find in your everyday diet. As part of a healthy lifestyle, the natural enzymes in YourBiology help support your dietary choices for healthy digestion.

YourBiology Guarantee: A refund is possible only up to 90 days of sending the goods to the customer.

Ingredients of YourBiology: Probiotic culture LactoSpore, Prebiotic Fiber (FOS), Inulin from Chicory Root (Cichorium L.), Fenumannan Prebiotic Fiber - Galactomannan from Fenugreek Seeds, Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract, Prickly Pear Extract, Black Pepper Fruit Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Papain from Papaya Extract, Chromium.

Why not #1? YourBiology has not been specifically designed to treat irritable bowel syndrome. It only contains a proprietary blend of active, natural ingredients to improve the functioning of the digestive system, strengthen the immune system, and prevent diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, and other symptoms of IBS.

Order YourBiology
RatingHealthcare Product#3 - IBComfort, 71 points out of 100. Just two caps per day are going to help a healthy intestinal flora, balance bowel function, and support gastrointestinal comfort. Because of the complex formula, this natural product is able to target the different areas that may lead to flatulence.

Money Back Guarantee: Returns will only be accepted within 30 days of receipt by the customer. Unopened products returned in original, sealed packaging will receive a 100% credit. Opened products (or any damaged products or products with damaged seals) will receive a 50% credit, up to a maximum of 1 open bottle per product sku.

IBComfort Ingredients: LYNSIDE Pro GI+ (Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3856), Benegut (Perilla frutescens)(leaf extract), BiAloe Organic Aloe Vera (inner leaf).

Why not #1? IBComfort is not formulated to specifically treat flatulence. Money-back guarantee is only 30 days. Only unopened products receive a full refund.

Order IBComfort

How to Prevent Flatulence

Even though gas is a natural part of our body, flatulence can be incredibly embarrassing and frustrating. If you want to reduce problems with flatulence, there are a few steps that you can take.
  1. Eat slower
    How often do you sit in front of the television or with your phone in your hand and just mindlessly take bite after bite? Most of the gas that we have is swallowed air. While we are unable to avoid swallowing air altogether, we can drastically reduce the amount by being mindful.

  2. Cut out gum or hard candy
    As with the previous statement, you have your mouth open constantly if you are chewing gum or eating hard candy. If you are afraid of having bad breath through the day, a different mouth-wash could really benefit you.

  3. Change your overall diet
    Some foods just naturally produce more gas than others. If you notice that your body reacts poorly to certain foods, eliminating them from your diet entirely (or at least cutting back on them) should help a great deal. It does not mean that you cannot eat foods that you love, but it does mean that cutting down could reduce your problems.

  4. Avoid carbonated beverages
    The air bubbles that you find in carbonated beverages are going to make you burp, most people know that. However, the ones that we digest also have to leave the body somehow. Sugar-free juice, tea or water would be great replacements for carbonated beverages.

  5. More exercise
    Even though this is not a direct correlation, you can get your digestive system to work much better if you move your body more. By being more active, you are going to notice that your flatulence is much less active.

Stop Flatulence Now!

If you are sick of dealing with flatulence, just know that there are some alternatives available. There are natural alternatives that you can take that are going to have an impact quickly. Take back control of your own body and stop having to feel ashamed about what your body does. Make a change today!

Best Natural Products for Flatulence Treatment

How to get rid of flatulence? We recommend the best natural treatment for flatulence:
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  2. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases: Diagnosis of Gas in the Digestive Tract
  3. National Health Service: Treating flatulence
Last Updated: 2023-07-04