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Skin Exfoliation

Skin Exfoliation

Skin exfoliation belongs to the type of skin care when the layers of dead skin cells are removed from the surface with mechanical means (that can be a sponge, brush, sea salt, etc.). Skin exfoliation can be performed on any part of the body. During skin exfoliation on the face, apply other facial remedies that were created for facial skin care.

Skin exfoliation is the ideal measure if you want to get new smooth skin. Skin exfoliation is performed to enhance the quality of the skin, which is achieved as you put away the dead skin cells from the skin upper layer. Skin of every person generates about 1 million skin cells every minute. This denotes that every man acquires more than 5 billion skin cells daily.

National Institutes of HealthNational Institutes of Health:

Facial exfoliation or skin exfoliation comes in many forms and its benefits range from anti-aging skin care and wrinkle prevention to acne treatment and sun damage exposure.

While cosmetic surgery skin exfoliation techniques such as chemical peels are available, many skin care products are designed to provide home facials and a more natural skin care approach. Some simple home remedies may be used as part of an organic skin care routine, but if you're looking to purchase an effective skincare product, here's an overview of what you need to know about facial skin exfoliation.

Natural Exfoliation Process

While you do your own daily duties, your skin does what it has to. Skin cells begin shedding after being on the upper layers for 25 days, giving opportunity for the fresh skin cells to take their place. This is a natural exfoliation process. At times the former skin cells stay attached to the upper layer of your skin, and it can be hard for fresh skin to come to the surface. This challenging task becomes even more complicated by the appearance of whiteheads, blackheads, coarse texture, or a rough appearance of the skin tone.

As the natural shedding of the older unneeded skin cells doesn't function, you should assist it and attend to the process. As your skin is exfoliated you can be sure that all the remedies you have for skin care, such as moisturizers, serums become more efficient. Without necessity to go to a deeper layer of dead skin cells, they work more effectively because they direct their efforts to fresh skin cells, and this is their main responsibility.

Why Exfoliate Skin?

Why do you need to exfoliate your skin? Exfoliation contributes to the rapid process of skin shedding, removing the upper, dead skin layer of cells to reveal the finer skin tissue which is located below.

Every person produces a fresh layer of skin every 2-4 weeks. When the cycle is over, the dead skin cells from the upper layer of skin are shed. The complexion can be greatly enhanced by exfoliating of the old skin cells. When they remain, they are able to clog the sebaceous pores, and this brings to the creation of spots and blackheads.

Types of Skin Exfoliation

There can be different types of skin exfoliation:
  • Mechanical Exfoliation which has to do with mechanical influence upon the skin. The person needs to scrub the skin with assistance of an abrasive, which will help to throw away dead skin cells. Mechanical exfoliants comprise sponges, microfiber cloths, brushes, crepe paper, facial scrubs with microbeads, crystals of sugar or salt, and tiny pieces of almond shells.
  • Chemical Exfoliation which removes dead skin cells with chemical substances. Chemical exfoliants take in scrubs including fruit enzymes, such as pineapple enzymes, glycolic acid, malic acid, salicylic acid. People use them in high concentrations to achieve the result, the procedure is performed by a dermatologist. But there are special remedies sold in the pharmacies with lower concentrations. Chemical exfoliation employs components of enzymes, AHAs, BHAs functioning to slacken the glue-type substance, which keeps the cells jointly, letting them peel away.
  • Natural Skin Exfoliator usually contains natural ingredients that remove your old and damaged skin cells.
FDAFDA received a lot of adverse dermatologic experience reports for AHA-containing skin care product. The reported adverse experiences included burning, dermatitis or rash, swelling, skin pigmentation changes , blisters or welts, skin peeling, itching, irritation or tenderness, chemical burns, and increased sunburn.

The more serious adverse reactions appear to occur most often with products that cause the greatest degree of skin exfoliation, such as "skin peelers."

Natural Skin Exfoliator

Apply natural skin exfoliator in order to put away older cells and to help a fresh skin layer appear on the surface. Synthetic chemical exfoliants aggravate the skin condition so you should prefer mild natural treatments.

The oatmeal is the main component of natural skin exfoliator. It has been used since long ago. With oatmeal your bad epidermis will get nourished as oatmeal gives strength to your epidermis.
RatingHealthcare ProductRevitol Natural Skin Exfoliator with oatmeal helps cleanse the damaged skin while rejuvenating and restablishing youthful skin tone and complexion with all natural ingredients.

Guarantee: 90 Day. If you have not seen the results you were expecting or are not satisfied in any way, send then back your empty or partially used tubes of revitol natural skin exfoliator.

Ingredients of Revitol Natural Skin Exfoliator: Water, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Carbomer, Decyl Glucoside, Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate, Tricaprilyn, Hyaluronic Acid, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Meal, Squalene, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract, Prounus Armeniaca (Apricot) Seed Powder, Aminomethyl Propanol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Fragrance.

Suggested Use: This natural skin exfoliator is designed to be used daily, especially on oily skin with chronic acne conditions. Apply thoroughly over skin and neck. Rub softly in a circular motion and wash off thoroughly with water.

Caution: If you are pregnant, nursing, or currently taking any medication, consult with a physician prior to use. Do not exceed suggested use.

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How to Exfoliate?

Here are some tips that will assist you to exfoliate your skin:
  1. Wet the skin first.
  2. Apply exfoliating gloves, a scrubbing sponge, which can be either synthetic or a natural one - vegetable sponge (loofah).
  3. Use a natural skin exfoliator. Put some on the skin and sponge.
  4. Scrub the natural skin exfoliator into your skin with circular motions employing a sponge.
  5. Be careful with sensitive areas of skin, such as neck or thigh, where skin is delicate.
  6. Wash the skin with much of water.
  7. Apply a moisturizer.
Last Updated: 2019-10-30